We have a Health and Safety Policy in place and to reduce injury, all loading of trailer will be carried out by our team members only.

All general rubbish and green waste is to be left in an accessible pile for ease of loading otherwise a loading fee of up to $25 will be charged.

We offer a FREE pick up service for large quantities of recyclable materials aluminium, copper, copper wire, brass vehicle batteries, air conditioners and radiators in all Sunshine Coast areas.

All loads to be no more than 500kg and no higher than top of trailer cage equivalent to 4 cubic metres otherwise a fee of $37 will be charged so to avoid inconvenience for both parties book a second load at a discount rate.

All Commercial oil will be charged at a rate of $20 per 100 litres or part thereof.   

Any Pesticides, Chemicals & Paints will be charged at a rate of $75 per 20 litres or part thereof.​

Any Motorcycle or Car tyre a rate of $6 per tyre will apply.

Any Small Truck or 4WD tyre a rate of $8 per tyre will apply.

All Truck and Bobcat tyre a rate of $15 per tyre will apply.

Clean timber segregated hardwood or softwood will be charged at a rate of $50 per tonne. Must not contain particle or MDF board, laminates, CCA treated or painted timber.

Clean plasterboard segregated plasterboard only will be charged at a rate of $50 per tonne.  

All these prices are Waste Disposal Charges at Resources Recovery Facility’s and will be passed on.

Mattresses innerspring  or foam are accepted at no charge at Resources Recovery Facility's ensemble bases are charged as general waste.

Rubbish Removal Sunshine Coast R Us is a local family owned and operated business were we pride ourselves on customer service and provide a fast friendly and professional stress free Sunshine Coast Rubbish Removal Service on the Sunshine Coast.  We do all the loading to remove your unwanted rubbish from domestic and commercial premises.


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